You can now gift unused data on your EE plan to family members

EE has launched the UK’s first data gifting service as part of its plans. You can gift a family member unused data from your own plan, as long as you and they have pay monthly voice or SIM-only tariff and are linked to your master account.

Mobile broadband tablets and select mobile broadband devices also apply if they are linked to your account.

The lead on the account can see any unused data on any of the plans and move it from one to another in 500MB increments. This can be done in the MyEE app for iOS or Android.

It’s great for parents, who can gift data to their children as “digital pocket money” rewards – giving them more access to the internet when not connected to Wi-Fi.

EE has also announced some additions to its parental controls through the MyEE app. Parents can now monitor a child’s internet and phone usage through their own smartphones.

They give the option to switch on or off a child’s data usage, can allow or…

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