Vodafone Smart N9 offers a big screen, attractive price, and parental control features

The Vodafone Smart N9 is pitched as something of a “my first smartphone” proposition. Priced to make it accessible to many, this £109 (pay as you go, £18 a month on contract) Vodafone phone offers some of the latest smartphone tech in its svelte body.

On the front is a 5.5-inch 1440 x 720 display, moving to 18:9 aspect, so it’s fully in-step with the latest trend in smartphones. While it doesn’t have the highest resolution, the 295ppi display is nice and vibrant – it doesn’t look like the display on a budget phone, so that’s a good starting point for a device of this type. 

Having an 18:9 display means you get a good size of handset – you get all that display without it getting too wide. It’s only 68.8mm wide and only 8.5mm thick, a far cry from the chunky phones that once sat at this end of the market.

It launched running Android 8.1 Oreo – the latest version of Google’s software and Vodafone has mostly kept it free from bloat. There’s a couple of preinstalled apps – Facebook,…

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