Trio of Microsoft Surface devices leak out, including foldable tablet

Information regarding a trio of new Microsoft Surface devices has leaked out, courtesy of Brad Sams at Thurrott. Sams has been able to lay his eyes on some internal documents relating to Microsoft’s plans for the Surface brand, which reveal codenames and the products they relate to. Not a lot of information is given for each product, but this is just a confirmation that they are in the pipeline.

Perhaps the biggest revelation from the documents is that a device known as Andromeda is on the cards. We’ve seen this codename pop up a few times before and it has always referred to a foldable device, or a “digital pocket notebook”. The device has been previously rumoured to have calling and texting capabilities too. The documentation seen by Sams says this Andromeda device is scheduled for launch in 2018. Exciting stuff indeed.

Microsoft says that once it releases its own device, OEMs will release their versions…

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