Samsung Galaxy S9 could have Super Hi-tech 1000 fps camera

After the successful launch of Samsung’s flagship galaxy note 8 .It’s may be not good news for Samsung competitors according to rumors revealed another flagship product Samsung Galaxy S9 would have super 1,000 fps camera sensor , Samsung will start its production in November .

Reports conducted by many sources Galaxy S9’s launch at sometime in March or April.
The feature is already available in the Sony Xperia XZ1, which is widely considered to have one of the best smartphone cameras on the market.

Samsung Galaxy S9 could have 1000 fps camera
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Samsung’s S9 would have Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Chip, ¬†6.2 inch screen it will have more features but as concern with design don’t expecting more with new look design compare to samsung galaxy s8

Samsung’s own sensor

Samsung wanted to its have own camera sensor rather than dependent on another company’s sensor currently Samsung uses Sony’s camera sensor and this results to pay royalty fees .So that’s could be a reason to lead technology edge over sensors decided to produced its own

Samsung is working on three layered  technology,this technology send the data to a camera sensor and then sensor send this data to logical board for taking mathematical calculation on it to process taking pictures and after processing it,it save on phone

DRAM chip added with sensor make SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 capable to capture video at 1,000 fps

So this will Samsung stand with Sony known for a better quality sensor. Galaxy S9,Galaxy s9+ coming with this super feature which will make ahead of iPhone x,iPhone 8 and other flagship smartphones

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