Oppo Find X confirmed, crazy fast charging and 5x zoom camera incoming

Chinese smartphone maker, Oppo, has confirmed that the innovative and ambitious Find series phones are making a comeback. The company will unveil the Oppo Find X at a launch event at the Louvre in Paris on 19 June. 

In the past, Oppo Find series phones have seen the manufacturer implement some advanced technologies that seem ahead of their time, and the same looks to be true for the Find X. 

One technology being incorporated is the 5x Dual Camera Zoom that Oppo showed off at MWC in 2017. This is unusual in that it works like a submarine periscope, with light reflected onto an angled prism which then directs the image to the camera placed at a 90 degree angle.

Because of this periscope-style build, the camera is actually thinner than most 2X optical zoom cameras currently used on modern smartphones, since the depth of the camera runs along the width of the phone, horizontally. 

Another awesome-sounding technology making its way to the Oppo Find X is Super VOOC charging. Oppo states…

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