MacOS Mojave: New features, release date, and everything you need to know

Apple has announced MacOS Mojave while at WWDC 2018.

The company uses its annual developers conference to preview all the major software updates it has developed for devices like the iPhone and MacBook Pro. You see, Macs run MacOS. But, unfortunately, there were very few rumours about the next major update to MacOS, called MacOS Mojave, so we had no inkling about what Apple had in store for us all. Now, however, things are official.

Here are all the new MacOS Mojave features Apple demoed on stage.

Why did Apple call it MacOS Mojave?

Every year, Apple names macOS after California-inspired locations. This year, it was inspired by the desert (hence, Mojave, which is a desert).

What are all the new features in MacOS Mojave?

Dark mode

Apple demoed a full, system-wide Dark Mode for Mac. It extends across the Menu bar, built-in apps, and the Mac App Store.

All-new Mac App Store

The Mac App Store is getting a…

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