LG might add a VR-friendly 4K LCD screen to the LG G8 flagship

The follow-up to the LG G7 ThinQ flagship could feature an LCD panel with a 4K resolution.

Noted leaker Ice Universe said in a tweet that rumours indicate the flagship will adopt a 4K-resolution LCD screen. He specifically referred to the upcoming device as the “LG G8″. Despite Ice Universe’s accuracy in the past, we have to take this rumour with a pinch of salt until more evidence emerges. However, a 4K screen would mean animproved VR experience if LG were to include support for Google Daydream.

LG already offers a Daydream-ready device with the V30 that released last year. Aside from VR, however, 4K smartphone screens don’t matter too much, hence why premium Android devices are hard to find with a QHD and QHD+ resolutions. Instead, 18:9 and (notched) 19:9 displays are all the rage right now. There is speculation that…

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