Keys to IT Cost Control: Partnerships, Automation, Planning

PC technology trends toward cheaper and stronger, the proverbial more bang for your buck, but money is still the biggest concern. In a recent study by Dell and Vanson Bourne, tech leaders cited lack of budget and resources as the number one barrier to digital progress. This is above in-house talent, c-suite buy-in and even having the latest technology.

The tension goes beyond just managing hardware and software cost. According to CIO’s State of the CIO 2018 study, the three top CIO priorities are upgrade IT and data security to avoid cyber attack (36%), help reach specific goal for corporate revenue growth (35%) and leading digital business initiatives (35%). Each of these benefit from having the latest, greatest tech. Reduce IT spending was a top priority of only 20% of the CIOs interviewed, showing that growth and security are currently overtaking frugality.

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