Honor 10: With flagship specs at a mid-range price, it's the affordable phone to own

Not everyone has a spare grand in their pocket to drop on buying the priciest of flagship phones. Besides, there’s no need, as proven with the Honor 10: this affordable phone might be less than half the price of some competitors, but its specifications don’t cut any corners. Here’s the headline features that make this Android handset stand out beyond its competition.

Top-spec processor

  • Kirin 970 octa-core processor – the same as found in flagship devices
  • Neural Processing Unit (NPU) for artificial intelligence
  • 4GB RAM to make light work of multiple apps

First thing’s first, the chipset at the heart of the Honor 10 is the highest-grade processor made by HiSilicon. There’s no corner-cutting here, just the best-of-best processor that’s good enough to compete with what Qualcomm can offer.

It has some special tricks, too. With a neural processing unit (NPU), the Honor 10 is ultra fast when it comes to artificial intelligence, besting its competition in scene recognition tests. ‘Why’s…

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