Google Pixel 3 XL flaunts every angle in revealing prototype leak

Google’s next smartphone – the Pixel 3 – has surfaced online in a series of photos showing the phone from all sides. 

Originally shared with XDA Developers, the website returned to the source of the original pictures and managed to coax out some more, showing us a little more detail around the Pixel 3 XL design. 

The source says that it’s not metal or plastic, that the back is in fact all glass. This has lead to some speculation that the Pixel 3 XL might offer wireless charging, something that was dropped from the Nexus devices a few years ago. That’s just speculation, however. What’s interesting is that it looks as though the top is glossy (as it was on the Pixel and Pixel 2), while the bottom section of the rear is frosted. 

There’s also talk that the squeezable sides will be retained in the new Pixel 3. Originally an HTC idea, it appeared on the Pixel 2 models and it appears it’s going to be on the Pixel 3 too. Is that a game changer? Not really – we’ve rarely used squeeze on any…

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