How to get or request money :Google Tez App

If you have to request money from Tez app so this post about details of it. Last post we give a full step by step process to know How to send money by Google Tez 

In this post we will see how to request or get money,so there has 3 following methods to receive money

This options for receiving money from nearby person

By Audio QR

This technology uses human voice to proceed payments without sharing any details and secure the information to use this allow permission to Tez for accessing speaker and microphone

1). Tap the circle first to activate cash mode on both phones
2). Move circle towards receive option and other person will swipe the circle towards pay option
other person tap on your profile photo to payment
3). Enter amount and description
4).Select mode of Payment
5).Proceed the payment
6). Enter your UPI Pin and tap
As you will receive payment you will get notification on UPI approved mobile number

By QR code

1). Open tez
2). Go to More options
3)Select Display QR Code
4).Other person will scan QR Code on your smartphone and proceed the payment
you will get notification as you received the payment

This option for person who located anywhere in india

By name,contact details, account number or UPI id

When person who far away from you and located any part of India  then search that person by name,account number,mobile number and UPI id in Tez and when person send you payment,you will get immediate notification

How to Request money 

1). Open tez
2). Go to screen and swipe up
3). Select the person by which you want to request for payment and find the person by his/her name,account number,UPI id or mobile number
4). At bottom, tap on request
5). Enter amount  with description and send request
6). Whether the person will decline or payment you, you will get sms on registered mobile number


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