Employee Innovation — Your Biggest Untapped Resource — Boosting

How are you empowering your workforce? It’s a question worth asking, and if you aren’t asking it, then your employees almost definitely are. According to an Ultimate Software survey, 92% of employees say that having technology necessary to do their job efficiently affects their satisfaction at work. More pressing, about one out of three said they would quit if the tech was too outdated. It’s not hyperbole to say that, to the modern worker, tech equals empowerment.

Luckily, evidence shows the shift is reaching the c-suite, too. In CIO’s State of the CIO 2018 survey, 88% of CIOs say their role is becoming more digital and innovation focused. Compare this data to State of the CIO 2015 when only 13% of CIOs were labeled as “business leaders” (lagging behind service provider at 38%, business partner at 30% and, most concerning, cost center at 18%). Leadership is synonymous with vision, which stakeholders inside and outside of IT now expect of the CIO.

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