Asus Precog initial review: Beautiful concept notebook with dual screens

Asus unveiled its work-in-progress in the Precog project at its Computex 2018 press conference in Taipei. And there were more than a few “oohs” and “aahs” from the audience as head of global marketing, Marcel Campos, held up a petroleum rainbow shimmering, dual-screened laptop.

The Asus Precog is designed to maximise the artificial intelligence experience. AI has become part of the everyday user experience in many devices, with voice assistants and machine learning blending seamlessly with regular user interactions. This particular concept notebook promises to take that even further.

It’s certainly a beauty.

It can be used in several form factors for a start. A 360-degree hinge means it can lie completely flat, in tent form, book (portrait) form and, of course, stand form. And,…

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