Apple announces macOS Mojave as next major update

Apple has announced the next major update to macOS at WWDC 2018, called macOS Mojave. After years of naming its OS after mountains, Apple has now turned to the expansive desert in California.

One of the biggest new features within macOS Mojave is a new Dark Mode that will change the colour theme and interface of your Mac to one that is, as the name suggests, darker. It’s a feature that has been rumoured – and wanted – for some time, so it’s good to see Apple has finally introduced. Of course, with a new macOS update also comes new wallpapers, and this time round it’s no different as you get images of the Mojave desert at both day and night time.

Another new feature is Desktop Stacks that automatically arranges content on your desktop into ‘Stacks’. It’s especially handy if you have a particularly messy desktop. Stacks will group together images, PDFs, spreadsheets, word documents and movies among many others. If you’re…

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