2018 iPhones to support faster charging technology, says report

Apple is expected to introduce much faster charging in its trio of new iPhones, due to launch later this year, according to a research note by Jun Zhang of Rosenblatt Securities. The note, which was passed on to Apple Insider, says that Apple will upgrade its charging circuitry from 5V 2A to 9V 2A and 5V 3A, although it doesn’t say if and how these will be split across the new iPhone models.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus already support fast charging if you use a USB-C to Lightning cable and Apple’s (rather expensive) USB-C power adapter.

However Apple wants to increase charging speeds so the new iPhones can “support more applications, provide a quicker recharge and better compete with Android OEMs”. The majority of Android flagships support fast charging already, being able to refill their batteries in around an hour, although it depends on the size of the battery and…

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